International Marketing
An SME Approach

By Sean de Burca, et al.
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
September 2004
ISBN: 0273673238
752 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$88.50 paper original

Unlike other international marketing texts, International Marketing: An SME Perspective, takes a truly global approach that pulls in both Western and Asia-Pacific perspectives. SME refers to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, therefore the focus is firmly on the role of the transnational firm as an international competitor and the role in international activities of managers of their local subsidiary or branch operations.

This book offers a unique theoretical practical approach to international marketing centered on the requirements of the growing firm. The authors offer innovative learning approaches including excellent web resources and case studies not found elsewhere. This book is geared toward undergraduate and postgraduate students studying International Marketing, and blends rigorous theory with practice. The book places emphasis on the impact of technology on the international marketing landscape.

Other features include: Real life examples on practical international marketing planning and strategy Comprehensive coverage of the network perspective to international.

1 The Rationale for International Marketing
2 Appreciating the International Economic and Financial Environment
3 Catering for the Cultural Environment of International Business
4 Avoiding the Pitfalls of the International Political and Legal Environment
5 The Information Technology Environment
6 Researching International Markets
7 International Market Selection and Entry
8 Modifying Products for International Markets
9 Marketing Services Internationally
10 Promotions in International Marketing
11 International Pricing for Profit
12 Effective International Distribution
13 Planning and Strategy for International Marketing
14 Gaining International Competitive Advantage
15 International Competitive Marketing Strategy and Competitive Position
16 Globalisation
17 Relationships, Networks and Strategic Alliances
18 Contemporary Challenges in International Marketing
19 Electronic Commerce in International Marketing

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