Internet Marketing, 3rd edition
Strategy, Implementation & Practice

By Dave Chaffey, et al.
August 2008
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780273694052
550 Pages, Illustrated
$110.00 Paper Original     

Internet Marketing is a comprehensive guide to how organisations can use the Internet to support their marketing activities and covers all aspects of the subject, from environmental analysis to strategy development and implementation.

Now in its third edition, Internet Marketing is an invaluable resource for all students studying e-marketing, e-commerce or Internet marketing at second, third or postgraduate level, as well as specialist courses involving Internet marketing.  It should also prove particularly useful for practitioners wishing to update their e-marketing skills.


Part I- Internet marketing fundamentals

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Internet marketing
CHAPTER 2 The Internet micro-environment
CHAPTER 3 The Internet macro-environment

Part II- Internet strategy development

CHAPTER 4 Internet marketing strategy
CHAPTER 5 The Internet marketing mix
CHAPTER 6 Relationship marketing using the Internet

Part III-Internet marketing: implementation and practice

CHAPTER 7 Delivering online service quality
CHAPTER 8 Interactive marketing communications
CHAPTER 9 NEW NAME! Improving E-Marketing Performance
CHAPTER 10 Business-to-Consumer Internet marketing
CHAPTER 11 Business-to-Business Internet Marketing


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