Integrated Marketing
Communications, 2nd Edition
[Includes CD-ROM]

By David Pickton & Amanda Broderick
Financial Times/ Pearson Education Limited
February 2005
ISBN: 0273676458
784 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$110.00 Paper Original

This book is an exciting European based text covering all elements of marketing communications. Unlike many marketing communications texts Integrated Marketing Communications, as its title suggests, takes an explicitly integrated approach to the subject. Whilst a number of the chapters have been contributed by experts in their field, David Pickton and Amanda Broderick have created a comprehensive and cohesive textbook.

The result is a textbook with excellent pedagogy and a unified style and approach. The lively text design, European approach, use of colour and comprehensive coverage of the marketing communications mix elements make it ideal for all students and lecturers in this popular and growing area. The book is suitable for use on general marketing communications modules and in more specialist areas such as advertising, public relations, sales promotions and direct marketing.

Key features include:
" a logical structure around the three key models of marketing communications-the IMC Process Model, the IMC RABOSTIC Planning Model, and the IMC Mix Model
" applied, real-world examples, including viewpoints from leading practitioners and academics
" relevant case material covering a wide variety of sectors and marketing scenarios
" robust pedagogy in each chapter, including viewpoints, objectives, chapter summaries, self-review and discussion questions, marginal and end of book glossaries. Text features include Need to Know, Food for Thoughts, and Warnings.
" unprecedented coverage of all elements of the marketing communications mix with separate chapters covering internet marketing, ethical issues, international marketing communications, direct and database marketing, creative and organisational issues, customer contact management, image and brand management and measuring integrated marketing communications.
" NEW! Restructuring of Part 2 Model (RABOSTIC Planning Model which features major stages involved in marketing communications planning and strategy)
" NEW! Integrating case study with questions posed at the start of each chapter
" NEW! CD ROM packed with more details on the integrative cases, other case material, Power Point slides, a Resource Locator which provides links to a vast array of Internet materials

Visit the Companion Website at to find even more valuable teaching and learning materials for instructors and students alike!

David Pickton is Head of the Marketing Department at DeMontfort University. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Marketing Communications and Marketing Intelligence and Planning. He is also a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Fellow of the RSA. Along with lecturing, Dave has done business consultancy. Amanda Broderick is Lecturer in Marketing and Director of the MSc Marketing Management programme at Aston University Business School. Her main research, teaching, and consultancy expertise is in International Targeted Communications.

Introduction to integrated marketing communications (The IMC Framework Model)
1 What is marketing communications?
2 What is integrated marketing communications?
Part 1 The integrated marketing communications process (The IMC Process Model)
Integrating Case I- Concern
3 Creating shared meaning in marketing communications- the communications loop from sender to receiver
4 Marketing communications psychology
5 Media
6 e-Media
7 The changing marketing communications environment
8 The international context of marketing communications
9 Regulation and legal controls
10 Marketing communications ethics
11 Image and brand management
12 Customer/audience relationship management
Part 2 Managing integrated marketing communications planning (The IMC RABOSTIC Planning Model)
Integrating Case 2- Skoda
13 Marketing communications planing and plans
14 Organizational implications of integrated marketing communications
15 Agency operations
16 Research and analysis for integrated marketing communications decision-making
17 Identifying target audiences and profiling target markets
18 Setting budgets and allocating resources
19 Setting objectives, determining strategy and tactics
20 Creative implementation
21 Media implementation
22 Production implementation
23 Control and evaluation of integrated marketing communications
Part 3 The integrated marketing communications mix (The IMC Mix Model)
Integrating Case- Pampers
24 Public relations
25 Sponsorship
26 Advertising
27 Direct marketing communication
28 Sale promotions, merchandising and point of sale
29 Packaging
30 Exhibitions and trade shows
31 Personal selling and sales management

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