Marketing Communications, 4th edition

A European Perspective

By Patrick De Pelsmacker
Pearson Education
July 2010
ISBN: 9780273721383
675 Pages, Illustated
$110.00 Paper original

Marketing Communications: A European Perspective provides an extensive overview of the key techniques and applications of marketing within a European context.

The book covers all elements of the communications mix, including advertising, public relations, sponsorship, sales promotion, direct marketing, point-of-purchase communications, exhibitions, and personal selling. It also offers up-to-date coverage of e-communication, including e-marketing, mobile marketing, interactive television and relationship marketing.

Building on the success of the third edition, the fourth edition comes fully updated with brand new material on a diverse range of products and brands such as Coke Zero, Twitter and Wii Fit, as well as coverage of topical issues such as the Barack Obama campaign and the EU anti-smoking campaign.

Chapter 1- Integrated communications
Chapter 2 – Branding
Chapter 3- How marketing communications work
Chapter 4- Target groups
Chapter 5- Objectives
Chapter 6- Budgets
Chapter 7- Advertising
Chapter 8- Media Planning
Chapter 9- Advertising Research
Chapter 10- Public Relations
Chapter 11- Sponsorship
Chapter 12- Sales promotions
Chapter 13- Direct Marketing
Chapter 14- Point-of-purchase communications
Chapter 15- Exhibitions and trade fairs
Chapter 16- Personal Selling
Chapter 17- E Communication
Chapter 18- Ethical Issues in Marketing Communications

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