Marketing Planning

Strategy, Environment & Context

By Jim Blythe & Phil Megickis
Pearson Education
July 2010
ISBN: 9780273724711
270 Pages, Illustated
$89.50 Paper original

Marketing Planning provides an overview of the essential elements of marketing planning with a particular emphasis on the components of the marketing planning process, whilst highlighting the three core themes of environment, strategy and context. The book features an innovative running case study which follows a company through the entire process of marketing planning, stage by stage and chapter by chapter, finishing with a completed marketing plan.

Table of contents

Chapter One: Marketing and Marketing Planning

Chapter Two: Marketing Plans and Objectives

Chapter Three: Drivers of Marketing Planning

Chapter Four: The Marketing Audit

Chapter Five: Analysing the External Environment

Chapter 6: Analysing the Internal Environment

Chapter Seven: Identifying Marketing Strategies

Chapter Eight: Segmentation Strategy

Chapter Nine: Segmenting Markets

Chapter Ten: Targeting

Chapter Eleven: Positioning

Chapter Twelve: Implementing Marketing Plans

Chapter Thirteen: Adapting Marketing Planning to Context

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