Marketing Research
An Applied Approach
2nd Edition

By Naresh Malhotra & David Birks
Financial Times / Pearson Education
November 2005
ISBN: 0273695304
777 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 10 "
$110.00 Paper Original

This book is written for students studying market research at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Marketing Research: An Applied Approach provides a comprehensive and authoritative commentary on this increasingly important subject.

This updated edition includes a CD-ROM containing valuable SNAP and XSIGHT Software demos, to enhance understanding of quantitative and qualitative aspects of marketing research.

In addition 9 Full Harvard Business School Case Studies, complete with teaching notes and accompanying questions are available through our Custom Publishing Program. Please contact your local Pearson Education Sales Representative to find out more.

Preface and guided tour
Publisher's acknowledgements
About the authors
1. Introduction to marketing research
2. Defining the marketing research problem and developing a research approach
3. Research design
4. Secondary data collection and analysis
5. Internal secondary data and the use of databases
6. Qualitative research: its nature and approaches
7. Qualitative research: focus group discussions
8. Qualitative research: depth interviewing and projective techniques
9. Qualitative research: data analysis
10. Survey and quantitative observation techniques
11. Causal research design: experimentation
12. Measurement and scaling: fundamentals, comparative and non-comparative scaling
13. Questionnaire design
14. Sampling: design and procedures
15. Sampling: final and initial sample size determination
16. Survey fieldwork
17. Data preparation
18. Frequency distribution, cross-tabulation and hypothesis testing
19. Analysis of variance and covariance
20. Correlation and regression
21. Discriminant analysis
22. Factor analysis
23. Cluster analysis
24. Multidimensional scaling and conjoint analysis
25. Report preparation and presentation
26. International marketing research
27. Business-to-business (b2) marketing research
Appendix: Statistical tables

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