Marketing Principles & Practice, 4th edition

By Dennis Adcock, Al Halborg & Caroline Ross
Financial Times / Pearson Education
October 2001
ISBN: 027364677X
547 Pages, Illustrated
$99.50 paper original

Chapters include: What is Marketing? Marketing Orientations. Marketing Environment. E-Business--the Technology. Competitive Environment. Buyer Behavior. Organizational Buyer Behavior. Customers, Market Segmentation & Targeting. Marketing Information. Link Betweem Supplier and Customers. Products & Services. Branding. Making Products Available. Price and Value. Communications & Promotional Planning. Advertising. Direct & Online Marketing. Sales Promotion, PR & Related Activities. Selling. Product Policy & New Product Development. Planning. Research. Marketing Analysis. Consumerism, Ethics & Social Responsibility. International Marketing. Marketing in Action. Glossary of Terms. Short Case Studies. Index.

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