Marketing Communications:
Interactivity, Communities & Content, 5th edition

By Chris Fill
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
August 2009
ISBN: 9780273717225
1000 Pages, Illustrated
$142.50 Paper original


Marketing Communications, 5th edition is the most complete and accessible introduction to marketing communications on the market. It combines breadth of coverage with a student-friendly style; and is an essential resource for Marketing and business degree students studying Marketing modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

This new edition has an exciting and modern new design and is structured into 6-parts: the first 2 sections focus on what Marketing Communications is and how it works; Parts 3 and 4 look at the practical management and tools of Marketing Communications; and, new to this edition, Part 5 covers its emerging relationships with the media. Finally part 6 covers its connection to special audiences.  

Offered with this new 5th edition at are podcasts by the author, video cases that accompany each part, and direction to key adademic papers in marketing communications. Students and tutors can also share their marketing communications essays, thoughts, ideas, and favourite campaigns and papers.


Part 1: Introduction to Marketing Communications
An Introductory Case Study
Chapter 1. An Introduction to Marketing Communications
Chapter 2. Communication Theory
Chapter 3. The Marketing Communications Industry
Chapter 4. Ethics in Marketing Communications

Part 2: Understanding How Marketing Communications Works
Chapter 5. Understanding How Customers Process Information
Chapter 6. Customer Decision-making
Chapter 7. Marketing, Relationships and Communications
Chapter 8. How Marketing Communications Might Work

Part 3: Managing Marketing Communications
Chapter 9. Integrated Marketing Communications
Chapter 10. Marketing Communications: strategies and planning
Chapter 11. Marketing Communications: objectives and positioning  
Chapter 12. Branding and the Role of Marketing Communications  
Chapter 13. Managing Corporate Reputation: identity and branding
Chapter 14. Financial Resources for Marketing Communications
Chapter 15. Evaluating Marketing Communications

Part 4: The Tools of Marketing Communications
Chapter 16. Advertising and Strategy
Chapter 17. Messages, Content and Creative Approaches
Chapter 18. Sales Promotion: principles and techniques
Chapter 19. Public Relations
Chapter 20. Sponsorship
Chapter 21. Direct Marketing
Chapter 22. Personal Selling
Chapter 23. Exhibitions, Product Placement, Field Marketing and Packaging

Part 5: The Media and Marketing Communications
Chapter 24. Traditional Media  
Chapter 25. Digital Media
Chapter 26. Interactive Marketing Communications
Chapter 27. Media Behaviour and Planning: delivering the message

Part 6: Marketing Communications for Special Audiences
Chapter 28. Marketing Communications Across Borders
Chapter 29. Business-to-Business Marketing Communications
Chapter 30. Internal Marketing Communications  


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