Marketing of Sport
Tools & Techniques for Success in Exams and Assignments

By Simon Chadwick & John Beech
September 2006
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 027368826X
592 pages
$94.50 Paper Original

Using international case studies, up-to-the-minute data and drawing on a wide range of sources, this book provides an essential introduction to the principles and practice of sport marketing.

* 24 Chapters contributed by leading authorities from the UK, Ireland, the US, Greece, France, New Zealand, & Australia.
* Chapters address important developments including sponsorship and endorsements, branding, fan behaviour, merchandising, ticketing and the globalisation of Sport.
* 60 International case studies covering a range of subjects such as Manchester United, the Olympic Games and NBA basketball
* Learning outcomes, case study questions and recommended further reading all enhance students learning and development.

Part 1. The distinctive nature of sport marketing
1.  Introduction: the marketing of sport
2.  Sport Marketing in for-profit and not-for-profit sport organisations
3. Alternative paradigms and sport marketing

Part 2. Meeting the needs and wants of the sport market
4.  Understanding the sport marketing environment
5.  Sport and consumer buying behaviour
6.  Sport organisation buying behaviour
7.  Segmentation, targeting and positioning in sport
8.  Sport market research and marketing information systems
9.  Managing sport products and services
10. Developing and extending sports brands

Part 3. Communicating with the sport market
11. The sport integrated marketing communications mix
12. Direct, database and online marketing in sport
13. Sponsorship, endorsements and naming rights
14. Sports public relations

Part 4. Getting sport products and services to the market
15. Pricing sports and sports pricing strategies
16. Distribution channels and sports logistics
17. Sports goods retailing

Part 5. Moving sport marketing forwards
18. Strategic sport marketing
19. Achieving competitive advantage and leading strategic change in sport organisations
20. International sport marketing and globalisation
21. Organisation, implementation, management and control of marketing in sport
22. Managing service quality and innovation in sport

Part 6. Assessing the future for sport marketing
23. The future of sport marketing
24. The marketing of sport: a practitioner perspective


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