Marketing: An Introduction, 3rd ed

By: Gary Armstrong, et al.
October 2015
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292017518
648 Pages
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The third European edition of this classic text has been updated with the latest ideas in marketing and with numerous new European marketing examples and case studies. The authors prompt students to discover the concepts of marketing and translate them into real commercial practice for themselves.


Part One: Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process 2‭Video Case: Is marketing for everyone?‭ 3‭ 1 Marketing: managing profitable customer relationships 4‭ 2 Company and marketing strategy: partnering to build customer relationships 40‭
Part Two: Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers ‭72Video Case: Making an effort to understand your customers 73‭ 3 The marketing environment 74‭ 4 Managing marketing information 108‭ 5 Consumer and business buyer behaviour 146

Part Three: Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix 186‭Video Case:: Putting marketing into action 187 6 Segmentation, targeting and positioning: building the right relationships with the right customers ‭188
7 Product, services and branding strategy 228‭ 8 Developing new products and managing the product life cycle 268‭ 9 Pricing: understanding and capturing customer value 296‭10 Marketing channels and supply chain management 332‭11 Retailing and wholesaling ‭364‭12 Communicating customer value: advertising, sales promotion and public relations 392‭13 Communicating customer value: personal selling and direct marketing ‭434‭
Part Four: Extending Marketing 470‭Video Case: Can marketing save the world? 471‭14 Marketing in the digital age ‭472‭15 The global marketplace ‭510‭16 Ethics, social responsibility and sustainability 542‭
Appendix 1 Marketing plan ‭576‭Appendix 2 Marketing metrics 588‭Appendix 3 Careers in marketing 594‭Glossary 602‭Index