Practice of Market Research, 4th edition
An Introduction

By Yvonne McGivern
August 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273773115
572 Pages
$110.00 Paper original

The Practice of Market Research offers a comprehensive and understandable account of the techniques and practical tasks involved in setting up and running marketing or social research projects.

Linked to the professional body MRS (the Market Research Society) and with plenty of real-life examples from big-name companies such as McDonalds and Levis as well as governments and charities, the author’s depth of insight and experience of the real world of market research is evident throughout this book.

The book offers:

This book is an ideal companion to any student’s market research course or research project and an indispensable guidebook with a long shelf-life for market research practitioners and people in the industry.



1 The practice of market and social research

2 Types of research

3 Defining the problem

4 Writing a research brief

5 Secondary research

6 Qualitative research

7 Quantitative research

8 Sampling

9 Designing questionnaires

10 Writing a research proposal

11 Doing qualitative research

12 Managing a research project

13 Analysing qualitative data

14 Understanding quantitative data

15 Analysing quantitative data

16 Communicating and reviewing the findings

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