Press Here!
Managing the Media for Free Publicity

By Annie Gurton
December 2001
Financial Times / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-273-65384-9
349 pages
$49.00 paper original

Journalists are notoriously difficult to work with and many are openly hostile to PRs. This book explains WHY they feel like that, and WHAT you can do to make your approach more appealing to them. It tells you HOW you can convey your message, and WHAT your message should include.

Using several well-proven methods for message development and giving crucial advice on handling interviews, Press Here! succinctly explains: how to plan a successful media campaign; how to develop your messages so they appeal to journalists; how to write a press release so it gets noticed; how to plan and manage a successful press event; how to use the internet effectively; how to deal with problems or negative publicity.

Includes case studies to highlight key points, and hints and tips on every page from journalists and PR professionals.

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