Relationship Marketing

Management of Customer Relationships

By Manfred Bruhn
Financial Times / Pearson Education
January 2003
ISBN: 0-273-67601-6
310 Pages, 7 1/2" x 9 3/4"
$89.50 Paper Original

Although relationship marketing has been well documented, there still lacks a comprehensive, cardinal principle with which to approach the subject. Relationship Marketing: Management of Customer Relationships examines the current debates within relationship marketing to develop a theoretical and conceptual underpinning to the topic. Developing relationship marketing as a management methodology, the text examines the discussions at the forefront of relationship marketing including the first English translation of the German research in this area.

Key Features: Extensive coverage of the current thinking on relationship marketing Examines relationship marketing as a science whilst also covering the practical aspects of implementation Contains many European and American examples of relationship marketing in practice Clear management approach and systematic structure Relationship Marketing: Management of Customer Relationships is essential reading for students studying relationship marketing at undergraduate or graduate level but will also prove invaluable to practitioners who wish to update their knowledge.

Manfred Bruhn is professor of marketing and business administration at the School of Economics and Business Management, University of Basel, Switzerland. As well as authoring numerous texts and journals articles in Marketing and Business Administration, he is also the Founder and Director of the Marketing Academy in Germany and Switzerland, of the Swiss Index of Customer Satisfaction (SWICS) and President of the Swiss Foundation of Business Administration (SGB)

Reviewers comments: "This book represents a significant contribution to the literature and will be of benefit in particular to students who are studying relationship marketing from an academic perspective. The academic material is rigorous and superior to many other texts in this area". Chris Fill, Principal Lecturer in Marketing and Strategic Management, University of Portsmouth "I've read the book and generally feel this is something I would like to use in my own postgraduate class teaching. I find the book to be very coherent and well managed in terms of breadth and depth of concepts presented and the way they have been blended to produce relevant managerial tools. The chapters are well ordered. The size and contents selection are highly appropriate for a postgraduate book." Sofia Daskou, Lecturer in Marketing, University of Strathclyde. "The biggest advantages of the book are its detailed grounding in various theoretical approaches, its clear and consistent management approach and its very systematic structure. Much better than many other books about relationship marketing which seem to babble quite a bit about all kinds of related subjects but fail to present a comprehensive framework. Finally, a good sound book about relationship marketing." Wim G Biemans, University of Groningen "The concept of relationship marketing reflects a marked change in current thinking. As today's marketplace is enormously more complex than in the past, companies are seeking new approaches to develop customer-oriented strategies. Here, this authoritative exploration of key issues represents a "State of the Art" contribution to the literature and will benefit not only the academic field, but also practitioners who are involved with planning and executing relationship marketing strategies and activities." Dr. Thomas Middelhoff, CEO, Bertelsmann AG "Due to market changes such as globalization, technological advances and changing needs of consumers, companies are recognizing the necessity of customer relationships.The book Relationship Marketing is an invaluable reference for graduate students as well as for managers wishing to improve their knowledge and skills in modern relationship marketing." Dr. Kay Hafner, President and CEO Germany, Wal-Mart, Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Contents List of Figures Preface and acknowledgements The foundations of relationship marketing Theoretical foundation of relationship marketing Conceptualization of relationship marketing Analysis phase of relationship marketing Strategic focus of relationship marketing Relationship marketing in practice Implementation phase of relationship marketing The Control Phase of Relationship Marketing Multi-faceted characteristics of Relationship Marketing Future Outlook for Relationship Marketing

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