Retail Management
4th Edition

By Roger Cox and Paul Brittain
Jan. 2000
ISBN: 0-273-63428-3
366 p.
$49.00 Paper Original


This book offers a clear, up-to-date and concise introduction to retailing and is suitable for both practitioner and student alike. This new edition is fully updated and includes new chapters on IT in retailing and the future of retailing, together with expanded material on strategy, economic issues and the law.

Chapters include: Retail industry. Retail organization. Economics of retailing. Grand strategies. International retailing. Retail planning and strategy. Retailing research. Retailing enfironments. Consumer buying behaviour. Segmentation. Store location. Product decisions. Buying. Stock management. Pricing. Advertising. Personal selling. Sales promotion and public relations. Atmosphere and layout. Customer service decisions. Financial planning. Human resources. Property and location development. Unit management. Technology in retailing. Retailing and the law. The future of retailing. Bibliography.

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