Retailing Book
Principles & Applications

Edited By Paul Freathy
Pearson Education / Financial Times
December 2003
ISBN: 0-273-65548-5
402 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$89.50 paper original

This is the definitive guide to retailing and retail management, providing a comprehensive strategic and operational approach to the subject. Drawing upon the knowledge and experience of leading retail academics and practioners, this text offers an overview of the main strategic functions within retailing and illustrates their operations through a series of "real-life" case studies. Essential for those studying retailing, retail management and retail marketing at undergraduate level, The Retailing Book offers broader coverage of the subject than any other retail texts.

PART 1- THE RETAIL CONTEXT: 1. The Retail Context- An Overview (Steve Burt and Leigh Sparks), 2. The Internationalization of Retailing (Steve Burt), 3. Commercial activities and the airport sector- Current issues and future threats (Frank O'Connell and Paul Freathy). PART 2- STRATEGIC PLANNING IN RETAILING: 4. Managing the Strategic Environment (Paul Freathy), 5. Ethical standards in business (Paul Whysall), 6. Undersatnding finance (Paul Freathy and Ian Spencer). PART 3- RETAIL DEVELOPMENT: 7. The Retail Development Process- An Overview (Cliff Guy), 8. The impact of retail planning and city centre development (Allan Hawsworth), 9. Revitalising the town centre- The example of Achmore (Andrew Paddison). PART 4- RETAIL MARKETING: 10. Retail Marketing (Paul Freathy), 11. Using information to understand the customer (Eric Calderwood), 12. Fast Retailing- We won't tell you what to wear (Keri Davies). PART 5- HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: 13- Human Resource Management Issues in Retailing (Adelina Broadbridge), 14. Labour turnover in the retail industry (Jim Hendrie), 15. Superquinn- The specialists in fresh food (Gordon O'Connor). PART 6- BUYING AND MERCHANDISING: 16. Retail buying and merchandising (Susan Fiorito and Paul Freathy), 17. Buying and merchandising in the retail fashion industry (Grete Birtwistle), 18. Relationships in a complex supply chain- The growing, exporting, importing and retailing of fresh vegetables (Mike Pretious and Jill Ritchie). PART 7- RETAIL LOGISTICS: 19. Retail Logistics (Leigh Sparks), 20. Online shopping- The logistics issue (John Fernie and Alan McKinnon), 21. Internationalizing through strategic alliances- The Swedish food retailer ICA (Ulf Johannson). PART 8- RETAIL FUTURES: 22. Retailing and the Millennium (Nicholas Alexander and Paul Freathy), 23. E-commerce and the future of retail delivery (Jonathan Reynolds), 24. The future of transaction systems (Steve Worthington).

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