Retail Marketing Management: Principles
& Practice

By: Helen Goworek & Peter McGoldrick
October 2015
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273758747
368 Pages
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Retail Marketing offers a contemporary approach that combines retail marketing theory, current retail management practice and international examples. It begins by looking at the nature of retailing as an activity and then introduces retail marketing, followed by a discussion of consumer behaviour, the retail marketing mix, and other important issues such as location strategies, branding and ethics. The authors and expert contributors take an integrated approach to explaining the process of internationalisation, and the inclusion of international examples reinforces this approach.

The book is ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in retailing, as well as those studying for marketing and business degrees where retail marketing is a core module. The blend of retail theory, practice and live examples will also be of interest to practitioners in retailing and related industries.

Key features

  • Case studies and seminar discussion questions in every chapter

  • Chapters and vignettes by expert contributors with a combination of academic and industry experience

  • Retail practitioner cases which emphasise practical aspects as well as key theories in retail marketing

  • New models that help to visualise interactions between marketing environments, retail marketing management decisions, and shopper behaviour

  • Related online materials, including powerpoint slides


xiii Preface
‭xv About the authors
‭xvi Acknowledgements

Chapter 1 
‭Introduction to retail marketing management

Chapter 2 
‭Retail marketing strategy 

Chapter 3 
‭Retail consumer behaviour and market segmentation

Chapter 4 
‭Retail product and brand management

Chapter 5 
‭Retail buying and merchandising

Chapter 6 
‭Retail pricing

Chapter 7 
‭Retail marketing communications

Chapter 8 
‭Retail location

Chapter 9 
‭Retail design and layout

Chapter 10 
‭Retail customer service

Chapter 11 
‭Multichannel retailing

Chapter 12 
‭Legislation and ethics in retailing

Chapter 13 
‭International retail marketing and emerging markets