Simply Marketing Communications

By Chris Fill
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
September 2006
ISBN: 0273704052
440 Pages, Illustrated
$89.50 paper original

Simply Marketing Communications offers a concise overview of the principles and practices of this dynamic and exciting subject. Based on Chris Fill’s comprehensive and widely used Marketing Communications: engagement, strategies and practice, this shorter book has much more emphasis on the basic concepts and avoids the use of some of the more complex theoretical frameworks. The practical and applied focus of this book makes it ideal for students studying Marketing Communications for their Chartered Institute of Marketing diploma and also undergraduates studying the subject as part of a marketing or management degree.

Brief Contents

Part 1 Introduction

Chapter 1 Marketing Communications: an introduction
Chapter 2 Communication: theory, interactivity and people
Chapter 3 Audiences: behavior, attitudes and decision making

Part 1 Summary:
Questions and Exercises
Cases and Questions

Part 2 Managing Marketing Communications

Chapter 4 Strategy: approaches, integration and planning
Chapter 5 Targeting Audiences: segmentation, targeting, positioning and objectives
Chapter 6 Using Technology: scope, applications and web sites

Part 2 Summary:
Questions and Exercises
Cases and Questions

Part 3 Elements of the Marketing Communication Mix

Chapter 7 Advertising: frameworks, messages and evaluation
Chapter 8 Media: traditional, digital and planning
Chapter 9 Sales Promotion: principles, techniques and evaluation
Chapter 10 Public Relations: approaches, sponsorship and evaluation
Chapter 11 Direct Marketing, Personal Selling and evaluation

Part 3 Summary:
Questions and Exercises
Cases and Questions

Part 4 Industry, Relationships and Operations

Chapter 12 Relationships: value, employees, trust
Chapter 13 Stakeholders: channels, business-to-business and international communications
Chapter 14 The Industry: structure, budgets, remuneration and regulation
Chapter 15 Agency Operations: selection, personnel and practice

Part 4 Summary:
Questions and Exercises
Cases and Questions

• Real-World mini-cases enable readers to apply theory to practice.
• Vignettes provide colorful examples of marketing communications in practice.
• Four color design with pictures throughout to bring life to the written word.
• Key text boxes help readers locate relevant material quickly and highlight key issues.

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