Business Titles from Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.


25 Key Topics in Business Studies: Essential Revision for Coursework & Examinations
By Chris Sivewright, August 2002

101 Business Ideas that will Change the Way You Work, 2014

Advanced Modern Macroeconomics, 2011

Advanced Spreadsheet Projects in Excell, 3rd edition

Advertising: Strategy, Creativity & Media, 2012

Atiyah's Sale of Goods, 12th UK edition, 2011

Beermat Entrepreneur: Turn Your Good Idea Into a Great Business, 2nd Edition
By Mike Southon & Chris West, December 2005

Brilliant Business Plan, 2011

Brilliant Presentation, 3rd edition, 2012

Business Economics, 2nd edition, 2001
Business Environment 3rd Edition
By Ian Worthington & Chris Britton, September 2000

Business Finance: Theory & Practice, 7th Edition

Business Law, 3rd UK edition, 2013

Business Law, 7th edition, 2015

Business Law, 7th Edition: UK Edition, 2006

Business Student’s Handbook: Learning Skills for Study & Employment, 3rd edition, 2005

Business Student's Handbook, 3rd Edition, 2006 [Includes webpack]

Business Studies

Business Studies, 6th edition

Business Studies for A Level, 3rd edition

Business Travel, 2nd Edition
By Rob Davidson & Beulah Cope, December 2003

Carriage of Goods by Sea, 7th edition

China Hotel Directory 2006: Guide to Accommodations, Meetings & Exhibitions

Con Men: A History of Financial Fraud & the Lessons You Can Learn, 2014

Consumer Behaviour: A European Outlook, 2nd edition, 2012

Consumer Behaviour, 3rd edition. A European Perspective

Contemporay Business Law, 8th UK ed., 2015

Daily Telegraph Tax Guide 2006 for the UK

Devil's Advocate: 100 Business Rules You Must Brake, 2013

Directory of Vocational & Further Education, 2005-2006: UK Edition of Colleges
Edited by Pearson Education Ltd, December 2005

Economic Development
Economic Environment of Business, 2004

Economics, 9th edition, 2015

Economics & The Business Environment, 3rd edition, 2011

Economics for Business, 6th ed.
By John Sloman, February 2013
Economics for Business, 3rd Ed. (McAleese, December 2004)
Economics of Industries & Firms
By Ken Heather, May 2002

Ecotourism: Themes in Tourism Series, 2001

E-Manufacture: Application of Advanced Technology to Manufacturing Processes
By Roger Timings & Steve Wilkinson, May 2002

Employment Law, 2015

Employment Law, 7th UK edition, 2015

Employment Law for Business Students, 2nd Edition, 2004

Employment Law in the UK, 2013

End of the Road: The True Story of the Downfall of Rover, 2nd edition, 2005

English Legal System: 2016/17 edition, 2016

Enterprise & Small Business: Principles, Practice & Policy. 3rd edition, 2012

Entrepreneur's Book of Checklists, 2nd edition
September 2007
Environmental Issues & Policies
By Stephen Ison, et al., October 2002

Essential Business Statistics
By Joanne Smailes & Angela McGrane, 2000

Essential Business Studies For You Key Notes
By Robert Dransfield, May 2000

Essentials of Business Law, 5th UK ed., 2015

Essentials of Economics, 4th Edition
By John Sloman, December 2006
Euro and Britain Implications of Moving Into the EMU
Edited by Ali M. El-Agraa, May 2002

Everything You Need to Know at Work: A Complete Manual of Workplace Skills
By Ciara Woods, June 2003

Exploring Corporate Strategy Enhanced Media Edition, 7th Edition, 2006

Exploring Interpersonal Trust in the Entrepreneurial Venture
By Mark Dibben, February 2000

Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching, 2011

Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2011, 24th edition , 2010

Financial Times Guide to Business Travel, 2001

Financial Times Guide to Corporate Valuation, 2nd edition, 2010

Financial Times Guide to Personal Tax, 2nd edition, 2007
From Acorns: How to Build a Brilliant Business, 2nd edition
September 2007
Funky Business Forever: How to Enjoy Capitalism. 3rd edition
Get That Job! 3rd edition: Easy Steps to the Job You Want, 2005
Handbook of Health & Safety Practice: UK Edition, 7th edition, 2005
Health & Safety Law: UK Edition, 5th Edition, 2005

High Performance Sales Strategies, 2014

How to be a Complete & Utter Failure in Life, Work & Everything
By Steve McDermott, December 2002

How to be Confident with NLP, 2nd edition

How to Think: Building Your Mental Muscle, 2002
Industrial Organization, 4th edition, 2013
Intellectual Property, 9th edition, 2012

Inviting Educational Leadership: Fulfilling Potential & Applying an Ethical Perspective to the Educational Process, 2002

Keenan & Riches' Business Law: Premium Pack, 11th ed.

Law for Business Students, 6th UK edition, 2010

Learn for Your Life: A Blueprint for Continuous Learning, 2000

Macroeconomics, 2nd ed.
A European Perspective, 2013

Macroeconomics, 4th ed., 2013

Make Money, Be Happy:
How to Make the Money You Want and Do the Things You Want to Do, 2005

Market Prophets: Can Forecasters Predict the Financial Future?
By David Stamp, July 2002

Mathematics for Economics & Business, 4th Edition
By Ian Jacques, June 2003

Microeconomics, 3rd Edition, 2004

Mind Maps for Business, 2nd edition, 2015

Money Tree
By Martin Bamford, 2006
Natural Resource & Environmental Economics, 3rd edition, 2003

New Business: Next Steps. All in One Guide to Marketing, Managing & Growing Your Small Business, 2015

Nokia: The Inside Story, 2002

Official MBA Handbook 2005/2006

Pitman 2000 Shorthand: First Course, 2nd edition
Pitman 2000 Shorthand: Pocket Dictionary, 2nd edition
Pitman 2000 Shorthand: Rapid Review & Speed Development
Pitman New Era Shorthand: Anniversary Edition
Pitman New Era Shorthand: Facility Drills
Pitman New Era Shorthand: Pocket Dictionary
Pitman New Era Shorthand: Rapid Review and Speed Development

Pitman New Era Shorthand: Workbooks 1 & 2. Anniversary Edition
Powerwriting: The Hidden Skills You Need to Transform your business Writing
By Suzan St. Maur, January 2003

Presentation Now: Prepare a Perfect Presentation in Less Than 3 Hours, 2015

Principles of Business Economics (2nd Edition), 2006

Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies, 8th edition, 2012

Quantitative Methods for Business & Economics, 2nd Edition
By Glyn Burton, George Carrol & Stuart Wall, April 2002

Research Methods for Business Students, 6th edition, 2012

Research Methods in Business Studies, 4th edition

Rethinking Organisational Behaviour, 2nd Edition, 2006

Rules of Work, 10th anniversary edition, 2013

Sale of Goods in the UK, 11th Edition, 2005

Sales Book, 2014

Small Business, Big Profit! How to Increase the Profitability of Your Entrepreneurial Business, 2006

Small Business Handbook, 2nd Edition The Entrepreneur's Definitive Guide to Starting and Growing a Business
By Philip Webb & Sandra Webb, December 2001

Small Business Handbook: The Complete Guide to Running & Growing Your Business
By Steve Parks, January 2006

Small Companies, Big Winners Making Small Companies Really Work
By Les Green, November 2001

Smarter Outsourcing: An Executive Guide to Understanding, Planning & Exploiting Successful Outsourcing Relationships, 2006
Smith & Keenan's Company Law, 15th UK edition, 2011

Start Up! A Practical, Personal Guide to Starting a Successful Business from Absolutely Nothing
By Liz Jackson & Mick Spain, January 2006

Start Up Survival Guide:
How to Make it Through the Critical First Three Years in Business

Start Your Business Week by Week, 2nd edition, 2013

Starting up an Online Business, 2013 Everything You Need to Know About Starting Up an Internet Company
By Sebastian Nokes, December 2000

Statistics for Economics, Accounting & Business Studies, 3rd edition , 2001

Strategies for e-Business: Creating Value Through Electronic & Mobile Commerce. Concepts & Cases.
By Tawfik Jelassi & Albrecht Enders, December 2005

Tort Law, 10th UK ed., 2015

Tricks of the Rich, 2010

Working with Support Staff: Their Roles & Effective Management in Schools, 2001
Your MBA with Distinction: Developing a Systematic Approach to Succeeding in Your Business Degree
By Caroline Gatrell & Sharon Turnbull, March 2003

Zurich Business Tax & Law Handbook, 4th Edition: UK Edition, 2003

Zurich Pensions Handbook, 9th Edition, 2003

Zurich Tax Handbook 2015-2016