Advertising: Strategy, Creativity & Media

By Chris Fill et al.
December 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273760894
394 pages, Illustrated
$105.00 Paper Original

The book covers advertising from top to bottom, including the history and development of the advertising industry, the academic thinking that underpins how advertising is practiced today and the strategies used in both conventional and digital advertising today.

It offers extensive coverage of traditional and contemporary approaches to all mainstream media, strategy and planning, insights into the creative advertising process and how messages and content are developed and a wealth of contemporary examples from around Europe and beyond. 

Importantly, the book also includes coverage of the challenges of measuring and delivering tangible results. This book is the essential companion for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional students studying Advertising, Media and related subjects.



Chapter 1- An Introduction to Advertising 
Chapter 2- OK, so is this the right meaning?
Chapter 3- Advertising; theories, concepts and frameworks
Chapter 4- Advertising: Strategies, Planning & Positioning
Chapter 5- Creativity, Content & Appeals
Chapter 6- Brand communications: the role of advertising
Chapter 7- The Advertising Industry 
Chapter 8- Traditional Media
Chapter 9- Digital media and emerging technologies
Chapter 10- Media Planning
Chapter 11- Measuring advertising efficiency and effectiveness
Chapter 12- Standards and Responsibilities 
Chapter 13- Contemporary Issues in Advertising

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