Atiyah's Sale of Goods, 12th UK edition

By John N. Adams & Hector MacQueen
December 2010
Longman / Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781405859530
599 Pages
$110.00 Paper Original

Authoritative, influential yet accessible to students this textbook addresses one of the most important aspects of commercial law. Its enduring role as the definitive guide to the law surrounding the sale of goods cements its position as the market leading text for undergraduate and postgraduate students alike.

Uniquely, key differences between Scots and English law in this area are highlighted throughout equipping the reader with a thorough understanding of the regulatory regimes governing the sale of goods in both jurisdictions.

Part 1: Nature and Formation of the Contract of Sale
1. Sources of the Law of Sale of Goods
2. Definition and Nature of the Contract of Sale
3. Formation of the Contract
4. Formalities
5. Distance-selling, including E-commerce
6. Subject Matter of the Contract
7. The Types of Obligation Created

Part 2: The Duties of the Seller
8. The Existence of the Goods
9. The Duty to Pass a Good Title
10. The Duty to Deliver the Goods
11. The Duty to Supply the Goods at the Right Time
12. The Duty to Supply the Goods in the Right Quantity
13. The Duty to Supply the Goods of the Right Quality
14. Exclusion of Seller's Liability
15. Product Liability and Consumer Protection 16. Manufacturer's Guarantees

Part 3: The Duties of the Buyer
17. The Duty to Pay the Price
18. The Duty to Take Delivery

Part 4: The Effects of the Contract
19. The Transfer of Property
20. Risk and Frustration
21. Transfer of Title by a Non-Owner

Part 5: Export Sales
22. Export Sales
23. Export and Import Licences
24. Bankers' Commercial Credits

Part 6: The Remedies of the Seller
25. Real Remedies
26. Personal Remedies

Part 7: The Remedies of the Buyer
27. Rejection of Goods
28. Rescission for Misrepresentation
29. Action for Damages
30. Specific Performance

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