Business Law, 6th UK edition

By Ewan MacIntyre
October 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408292822
740 Pages
$97.50 Paper Original

MacIntyre’s Business Law is the foremost text for non-law students. Questions test their understanding at each stage, key points guide their learning and tasks allow them to relate and apply what they have learned to business examples. All of these features are highlighted in full colour to ease navigation and understanding. In addition, new bulleted chapter introductions help students to break down each area of the law into manageable sections allowing them to fully grasp all aspects of business law confidently.




Guided Tour

Table of cases

Table of statutes

Table of statutory instruments

Table of European legislation

Study skills

1. The legal system

2. The courts and legal personnel

3. Formation of contracts - offer and acceptance

4. Other requirements of a contract - intention to create legal relations - consideration - formalities - capacity

5. Contractual terms

6. Misrepresentation - mistake - duress and undue influence - illegality

7. Discharge of liability - remedies for breach of contract

8. Terms implied by statute

9. Sale of goods - the passing of ownership

10. Sale of goods - the duties of the parties - remedies - international sales

11. Agency

12. The law of torts 1

13. The law of torts 2

14. Credit transactions

15. Partnership

16. The nature of a company and the formation of a company

17. The management of a company

18. Shareholders - resolutions - maintenance of capital - minority protection - debentures

19. Winding up of companies - limited liability partnerships - benefits of trading as a company, partnership or limited liability partnership

20. Employment 1 - duties of employer and employee - dismissal - redundancy

21. Employment 2 - discrimination - health and safety - rights of employees

22. Regulation of business by the imposition of criminal liability

23. Business property

Appendix - answers to test your understanding questions



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