Business Law, 7th edition

By: Ewan MacIntyre
September 2015
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292004020
816 Pages
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Chapter 1. The legal system

Chapter 2. The courts and legal personnel

Chapter 3. Formation of contracts - offer and acceptance

Chapter 4. Other requirements of a contract - intention to create legal relations - consideration - formalities - capacity

Chapter 5. Contractual terms

Chapter 6. Misrepresentation - mistake - duress and undue influence - illegality

Chapter 7. Discharge of liability - remedies for breach of contract

Chapter 8. Terms implied by statute

Chapter 9. Sale of goods - the passing of ownership

Chapter 10. Sale of goods - the duties of the parties - remedies - international sales

Chapter 11. Agency

Chapter 12. The law of torts 1

Chapter 13. The law of torts 2

Chapter 14. Credit transactions

Chapter 15. Partnership

Chapter 16. The nature of a company and the formation of a company

Chapter 17. The management of a company

Chapter 18. Shareholders - resolutions - maintenance of capital - minority protection - debentures

Chapter 19. Winding up of companies - limited liability partnerships - benefits of trading as a company, partnership or limited liability partnership

Chapter 20. Employment 1 - duties of employer and employee - dismissal - redundancy

Chapter 21. Employment 2 - discrimination - health and safety - rights of employees

Chapter 22. Regulation of business by the imposition of criminal liability

Chapter 23. Business property

Appendix - Answers to Test your understanding questions