Consumer Behaviour: A European Outlook, 2nd edition

By Leon G. Schiffman, et al.
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
April 2012
ISBN: 9780273736950
460 Pages, Illustrated
$120.00 Paper Original

Consumer Behaviour focuses not only on what consumers buy, but also why they buy, when they buy, where they buy and how they evaluate their purchase, and how they ultimately dispose of it.

The second edition has been thoroughly adapted and revised to reflect European conditions, and to focus attention on critical concepts in consumer behaviour. In doing so the authors illuminate the ways in which marketers apply the principles of consumer behaviour to the development and implementation of marketing strategies. The new ‘Innovation In Action feature’ will give practical examples to help you student link Consumer Behaviour with how it is practised in the workplace.




Part One: Introduction
1) An introduction to the study of Consumer Behavior
2) Consumer Research
3) Market Segmentation

Part Two: The Consumer as an Individual
4) Consumer Decision Making 
5) Consumer Motivation
6) Personality and Consumer Behavior
7) Consumer Perception
8) Consumer Learning
9) Consumer Attitude Formation and Change
10) Communication and Consumer Behavior

Part Three: Consumers in Their Social and Cultural Settings
11) Reference Groups and Family Influences
12) Social Class and Consumer Behavior
13) The Influence of Culture and Subculture on Consumer Behavior
14) Cross-Cultural Consumer Behaviour: An International Perspective

Part Four: More on the Consumer's Decision-Making Process
15) Consumer Influence and the Diffusion of Innovations
16) Consumer Decision Making - Again

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