Economics for Business, 3rd Ed.
Competition, Macro-Stability & Globalisation

By Dermot McAleese
Prentice Hall / Financial Times
December 2004
ISBN: 0273683985
644 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$87.50 Paper Original

The selective, thematic, policy oriented approach of Economics for Business, combined with its strong emphasis on market structures, monetary policy and interest rates, business fluctuations and globalization, makes it especially suitable for MBA and other executive programs, as well as for post-experience conversion courses.

Economics for Business focuses on three essential branches of modern economics- competition and the market system; macroeconomics and the economics of openness and globalization, including the analysis of international trade, foreign investment and exchange rates. The book has a very strong business focus and has been used in the UK on many MBA courses as well as short, often one semester post experience executive courses. It has also proved popular for undergraduate business economics courses.

The book examines economics from a business perspective and is selective in its coverage, focusing on setting out the big picture and including topics on the basis that they throw light on issues relevant to business. It has a strong policy perspective. Economic issues are analyzed in a policy context, which helps students see the relevance of economics to business decisions. The book adopts a modern approach to macroeconomics, as appropriate for business students, and pays special attention to globalization, trade liberalization, economic integration and exchange rates.

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