Economics for Business

4th Edition

By Kevin Hinde
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education Limited
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
February 2007
ISBN 13: 9781405847025
832 Pages, Illustrated, 7 1/2" x 9 3/4"
$99.50 Paper Original

The fourth edition of this highly successful and unique textbook provides an appropriate coverage of microeconomic, macroeconomic and international economic issues for Business students. With its direct and understandable approach, "Economics for Business" continues to focus on applying economic principles to the real world of business.

Business economics is a fast-changing environment and the text has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect current issues. It is ideal for students taking a first course in economics with a business perspective who need a modern, interactive and up-to-date approach. New for this edition are: Business issues listed at the start of each chapter set the context; a comprehensive glossary of all technical terms.

It also features a vast range of applied material and case studies which demonstrate how economics can be used to understand real business situations. It focuses on all the major economic topics plus specialist business chapters and sections. 'FT Reports' throughout analyse topical "Financial Times" news stories. It also contains a range of pedagogical features to aid learning, including review questions, a web appendix and icons throughout to highlight and explain key ideas.

'Pause for thought' questions integrated throughout encourage reflective learning with answers on the Companion Website. It also features extra web cases on current topics and extensive web references hotlinked from the book's excellent Companion Website encourage further study and research. The best resource package for introductory business economics just got better! Resources are carefully integrated with the text to provide a complete and blended learning experience. A Companion Website accompanies "Economics for Business" by John Sloman and Kevin Hinde.

This textbook is accompanied by an outstanding Companion Website, with Grade Tracker to enable you to assess your own learning. The website contains a large range of useful resources for students. These include: multiple-choice questions for each chapter; monthly updated links to news articles, with questions and commentary; hotlinks to related websites; case studies referenced in the main text; and answers to questions in the text.

John Sloman is Director of the Economics Network - the Economics subject centre of the Higher Education Academy. The Economics Network is based at the University of Bristol. John is also Principal Lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of the West of England. Kevin Hinde is Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Economics, Finance and Business at the University of Durham.

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