Themes in Tourism Series

By Ross Dowling & Stephen Page
Longman / Pearson Education
November 2001
ISBN: 0-582-35658-X
349 Pages
$69.50 paper original

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world and the fastest growing component of it is ecotourism. The current growth rate of tourism means that there will be approximately 650 million international tourists by 2002. However it is natural area tourism which is one of the most rapidly growing segments of tourism. Reflecting this huge growth in ecotourism, the authors introduce students to the primary aspects of this global industry. From the relationship between tourism and the environment to nature based tourism and ecotourism impacts, the book presents students with a comprehensive examination of what ecotourism is, where it lies within tourism, and the issues that have arisen in the development of ecotourism within such a huge global industry.

The book uses a holistic and integrated approach to ecotourism as an environmental form of tourism which has developed as a major niche in the tourism industry; provides a conceptual analysis of the tourism-environment debate and of anthropocentrism versus eco-centrism as a paradigm impacting upon the use of the environment for tourism purposes; provides a global approach to ecotourism. Further reading, web sites and a wide use of figures and plates and up to date information bring he topic to life in an accessible and comprehensive manner; offers an in-depth critique of the booming ecotourism industry and its operation, management, development and effect in different environments. Stephen J. Page is Scottish Enterprise Forth Valley Chair in Tourism, University of Stirling. Ross Dowling is Head of the School of Tourism and Marketing, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.

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