Application of Advanced Technology
to Manufacturing Processes

By Roger Timings & Steve Wilkinson
Longman / Pearson Education
May 2002
ISBN: 0-582-43230-8
352 Pages, Illustrated
$72.50 paper original

E-manufacturing is the application of Internet and intranet ICT technologies to the design, marketing and manufacturing of products, together with the management and control of manufacturing industries. This textbook covers the implementation of new technologies in manufacturing, the development of management strategies and the use of communication technology. Three broad areas are covered: development and application of management philosophies such as concurrent engineering; the use of ICT (Internet, intranet etc.); and modern advances in manufacturing technology. It also demonstrates the links between these areas and puts each into the context of a modern manufacturing company.

Key features: Technology and management principles are integrated to reflect current industrial practice. Includes case studies where relevant to enhance practical applications. Covers essential transferable skills appropriate to wide range of courses. Student exercises at the end of all chapters help to reinforce learning.

Roger Timings is an experienced author and consultant with a cutting-edge knowledge of current best practice in manufacturing and educational developments. Steve Wilkinson is a principal lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University and has well-established contacts with industry.

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