Employment Law in the UK

By Roger Welch & Caroline Strevens
July 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408272329
479 pages, Illustrated
$75.00 Paper Original

Living Law: Employment Law is about more than simply learning the legal principles. It's packed with innovative and interactive activities that will improve your understanding of the law and strengthen your legal writing, problem solving and research skills. It will help you see how employment law works in the real world, strengthen your legal skills, and show you how to apply your knowledge to problem scenarios.



1. Introduction to Employment Law: The institutions and the people involved.

2. Nature, formation and sources of the contract of employment

3. Performance of the contract of employment

4. Common law termination of the contract of employment

5. Unfair dismissal

6. Redundancy and other economic dismissals

7. The law of discrimination

8. Trade unions, collective bargaining and the law

9. The legal regualtion of industrial action


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