Employment Law, 5th UK edition

By Malcolm Sargeant & David Lewis
Pearson Education
September 2010
ISBN: 9781408229255
406 Pages, Illustrated
$75.00 Paper original

Offering comprehensive coverage of all aspects of employment law and the employment relationship, Employment Law is the ideal companion to support you throughout your study. Accessibly written, the book succeeds in presenting the wealth of case law and legislation at play in this area in an exceedingly clear manner enabling you to grasp a full understanding of the intricacies of the subject with ease.

1. The study of employment law

2. The employment relationship

3. The contract of employment

4. Termination of employment

5. Discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion or belief, and sexual orientation; the Equality Act 2010

6. Age and disability discrimination

7. Time and pay

8. Parental and maternity rights

9. Business re-structuring

10. Trade unions

11. Collective bargaining and industrial action

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