Employment Law, 7th UK edition

By: Malcolm Sargeant & Daivd Lewis
September 2015
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292004020
480 Pages
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Offering comprehensive coverage of all the key aspects of individual and collective employment law in a clear and accessible way, Employment Law is the ideal text for the first-time student of employment law. Packed with a wealth of case law and legislation, this book will enable you to fully understand the intricacies of this fast-changing subject with ease. With features such as chapter summaries and further reading suggestions, Employment Law is well suited to support you in your studies.


1 The study of employment law

2 The employment relationship

3 The contract of employment

4 Termination of employment

5 Equality: prohibited conduct and equality of terms

6 Equality: the protected characteristics

7 Time and pay

8 Parental and maternity rights

9 Business restructuring

10 Trade unions

11 Collective bargaining and industrial action