Entrepreneur's Book of Checklists
1,000 Tips to Help You Start & Grow Your Business
2nd edition

By Robert Ashton
October 2007
Pearson / Prentice Hall
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273712909
224 Pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4"
$42.50 paper original

"If you are the sort of person who would love to start a business of your own but have not yet dared to take the plunge because you have no idea of where to start, The Entrepreneur’s Book of Checklists could go a long way to reducing the sense of panic and introducing some clarity and order into your life when you need it most."
The Sunday Times

Easy to navigate and simple to read, The Entrepreneur's Book of Checklists is not written to be read from cover to cover, more to become an invaluable source of reference at every stage of the small business journey.

As important as an evangelist's bible, or a car mechanic's workshop, this book will be used, heavily bookmarked and become a much worn friend.
Each checklist is backed up by supporting advice or a real life case study - see how the tips have already helped someone just like you.
New to this edition:


Endorsements from two leading business support organizations                               
1     Inspiration: generating your winning idea                                                        
       10 ways to find time to plan                                                                                  
       10 characteristics successful entrepreneurs often share                                          
       10 steps to generating your big idea                                                                       
       10 things to check before chucking your job                                                           
2     Goals: matching the idea to your personal aspiration                                      
       10 questions to ask yourself as you start to plan                                                     
       10 ways to involve your family in your dream                                                         
       10 common worries and how to overcome them                                                     
       10 ways that every entrepreneur is different                                                          
3     Knowledge: researching your idea/reality checking                                        
       10 ways to research on the internet                                                                       
       10 good questions to ask yourself and others                                                           
       10 people who might do your research for free                                                      
       10 steps to convincing yourself your idea will work                                                 
4     Business plan: convincing yourself and others                                                
       10 things every business plan should contain                                                          
       10 things bank managers look for                                                                          
       10 figures you need to work out                                                                            
       10 things to include in a cash flow forecast                                                            
5     Investment: how to fund start-up and growth                                                  
       10 people who might invest in your business                                                           
       10 steps to heaven – finding a business angel                                                         
       10 ways to do it anyway – without the investment                                                  
       10 things to avoid at all costs                                                                                 
6     Branding: choosing business and product names                                            
       10 reasons why people will buy from you                                                               
       10 tips when choosing a name                                                                               
       10 ways to test your new idea                                                                               
       10 design tips to bring your idea to life                                                                   
7     Sales: routes to market, avoiding the blind alleys                                           
       10 ways that people could buy from you                                                                
       10 ways to close more sales                                                                                 
       10 good things about selling direct                                                               
       10 ways to sell even more                                                                                    
8     Profits: estimating and recording costs, especially your time                         
       10 ways to find more time                                                                                    
       10 ways to work out how profitable you really are                                                  
       10 expensive surprises you face as you grow                                                         
       10 profitable extras to put on the bill                                                                      
       10 ways to protect profitability as your enterprise grows
9     Online: how to succeed in a virtual world                                                        
       10 ways to make your website more successful                                                     
       10 ways to network on-line                                                                                   
       10 top e-commerce tips                                                                                        
       10 ways to avoid your emails becoming spam                                                        
10   Cash flow: keeping the ship afloat                                                                    
       10 things bank managers like to hear                                                                     
       10 things your trading terms should include                                                            
       10 things about overdrafts you need to know                                                          
       10 ways to finance your business                                                                          
       10 ways to avoid running out of cash                                                                     
11   Costs: how to avoid bad debts and pay suppliers                                            
       10 things all good customers have in common                                                        
       10 things all good suppliers have in common                                                           
       10 taxes you need to know about                                                                          
       10 ways to collect an overdue payment                                                                 
12   Home: premises – the why/where/how/how not                                               
       10 good reasons to work from home                                                                      
       10 ways to look bigger than you are                                                                      
       10 premises traps and how to avoid them                                                               
       10 things about franchises you might not know                                                       
13   People: recruiting without fears of future tears                                               
       10 questions to ask when recruiting                                                                       
       10 ways to deal with red tape                                                                               
       10 things the best bosses have in common                                                             
       10 ways to delegate and share the burden                                                              
14   Motivation: adding momentum and magic                                                       
       10 ways to motivate yourself                                                             
       10 ways to motivate employees                                                                             
       10 training opportunities you might overlook                                                           
       10 common people problems and how to solve                                                       
15   Surprises: predict and overcome unexpected hurdles                                    
       10 surprises that employees spring and how to overcome them                               
       10 surprises that customers spring and how to overcome them                                
       10 surprises that suppliers spring and how to overcome them                                  
       10 sleepless nights you can probably avoid                                                             
16   Helpers: people who might help you and how to encourage them
       10 people eager to help you succeed                                                                     
       10 things consultants do well                                                                                 
       10 things to share because you don’t need to buy                                                   
       10 things to look for when recruiting a mentor                                                        
17   Balance: when to work and when to play                                                         
       10 signs that you are getting stressed and how to cope                                           
       10 ways to enjoy your work                                                                                  
       10 holiday ideas for when you can’t afford to take time off                                     
18   Social responsibility: how to help yourself by helping others                          
       10 ways to build your business by helping others                                                    
       10 ways to entertain your customers for free                                                         
       10 special things about social enterprises        
       10 benefits of making a philanthropic gesture                                                         
19   Exit: selling your successful business                                                              
       10 ways to decide it’s time to sell                                                                          
       10 things that add value to your business                                                                
       10 ways to find a buyer                                                                                        
       10 reasons to merge your business with another                                                     
       10 things you’ll do differently the second time around
20   Useful document templates                                                                              
       Sales letters                                                                                                         
       Follow up letters                                                                                                  
       Getting paid letters                                                                                               
       The business plan                                                                                                 
       Confidentiality and intellectual property

Robert Ashton is a true entrepreneur, eager to share opportunities with others. A prolific business author, he writes for a number of business journals and national newspapers and is the author of Copywriting in a Week and the international bestselling The Life Plan.

"I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone in business" - YE Magazine

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