Essentials of Economics

4th Edition

By John Sloman
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education Limited
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
December 2006
ISBN: 1405854413
ISBN 13: 9781405854412
560 Pages, 7 3/4" x 10 1/2"
$89.50 Paper Original

"Essentials of Economics" is the market-leading concise text in introductory economics. In this new edition, John Sloman continues to engage you in learning economics with his well-loved, warm writing style and plenty of examples drawn from the real world.

Features include: a wealth of current and topical examples and cases to provide the link between economic theory and the real world; learning features integrated throughout the text, including questions, definitions, web references and summaries. These will help consolidate what you have learnt in each chapter; review questions with answers in each chapter to test your understanding; full colour design to bring the subject to life; many new case studies and expanded coverage of various topics, including game theory in Chapter 4, the role of money and interest rates in the economy in Chapter 8 and inflation targeting in Chapters 9 and 10.

New features include: explanations to accompany many of the diagrams to ensure full understanding of a concept; the identification of various 'Threshold Concepts' that are key to helping you 'think like an economist'. The best resource package for introductory economics just got better! Resources are carefully integrated with the text to provide a complete and blended learning experience. MyEconLab: enables you to assess your own learning, and provides a personalised Study Plan which identifies areas you need to concentrate on to improve your grades. Specific tools are provided for you to direct your study in the most efficient way.

Access to MyEconLab is provided with every new purchase of the main text. WinEcon, containing award-winning interactive tutorials, is available especially customised for use with Sloman's "Essentials of Economics". The book is designed for one-semester courses in introductory economics or for year-long principles courses for non-specialist economics students. This text also matches the A-level syllabus and will be entirely suitable for AS and A2 students. John Sloman is Director of the Economics Network - the Economics subject centre of the Higher Education Academy. The Economics Network is based at the University of Bristol. John is also Principal Lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of the West of England.

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