Euro & Britain
Implications of Moving Into the EMU

Edited by Ali M. El-Agraa
May 2002
Financial Times / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-273-65699-6
389 pages, illustrated
$82.50 paper original

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Why are the British opposed to euro membership? Why does Tony Blair believe that euro membership is economically vital for Britain? Why have twelve EU nations adopted the euro in the first place? Why have the UK, Denmark and Sweden, not joined in the first round? Have there been any experiences with the adoption of single currencies in the past? If so, what happened and what lessons can the eurozone learn from them?

For finding answers to these pertinent questions, The Euro and Britain is a must. It addresses these issues directly in a style accessible to the general reader. This book should be of interest to anyone concerned with the euro and EU integration in particular and international economic integration in general, and the latter now applies to almost every single country in the world.

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