Financial Times Guide to Personal Tax

UK Edition, 2007-2008
2nd edition

By Sara Williams, Jonquil Lowe
October 2007
Pearson / Prentice Hall
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273714156
408 Pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4"
$37.50 paper original

Year after year, millions of people pay more tax than they need to. With a little planning you can ensure you exploit your tax allowances and take steps to cut your tax bill.

If you are one of the nine million people who get a self assessment tax return, you are required by law to complete it correctly and on time. Last year, the Inland Revenue collected hundreds of millions of pounds in extra tax through enquiries into incorrect returns. Every year, over half a million people miss that last filing deadline, incurring automatic fines of  £100 or more.
This is the book that will help you:

It's designed to make an unpleasant task as easy as possible and save you tax at the same time.
Annually updated, the book always includes the latest budget changes, so the advice is always bang up-to-date. And it's written in easily understood jargon free language, so you'll get the most from the information, with the least effort.
Inside the book you will find:

1             Tax changes for 2007-8                                                   
2             An overview of income tax                                               
3             Paying and reclaiming tax                                               
4             Dealing with tax problems                                              
5             Tax and your household                                                 
6             Tax and your home                                                        
7             Savings, investments and pensions                                
8             Make the most of fringe benefits                                   
9             Minimizing capital gains tax                                          
10           Gifts and passing your money on                                  
11           Getting started                                                             
12           Income                                                                        
13           Reliefs                                                                         
14           Allowances                                                                  
15           Employment                                                                
16           Share schemes                                                             
17           Self-employment                                                          
18           Partnerships                                                                 
19           Land and property                                                       
20           Foreign income                                                            
21           Trusts                                                                          
22           Capital gains                                                                
23           Non-residence                                                             
A            Tax-free income                                                          
B             Converting net income to gross                                    
C            The short tax return                                                      
D            Tax deadlines                                                              
E             Useful leaflets, forms and contacts                                


Sara Williams is a former investment analyst and financial journalist. She has contributed many articles on tax and finance for national newspapers and for a number of years wrote for Which?, including the Which? Tax-Saving Guide and the Which? Book of Tax. She is also the author of the best selling,  FT Guide to Business Start Up.

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