Funky Business Forever
How to Enjoy Capitalism
3rd edition

By Jonas Ridderstrale & Kjell Nordstrom
January 2008
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273714132
232 Pages, Illustrated, 5 1/4 x 8 1/4"
$37.50 Paper Original

"The antidote to bland writing and bland thinking" Tom Peters

Funky Business tells us that difference rules, and difference comes from the way people think. In this world, we can no longer do "business as usual" - we need funky business.

With its fresh thinking approach and updated with the latest business messages and new examples, Funky Business will ensure you are always on the right side of change.

Only talent will allow you to be unique. Forget what has come before. The new edition of Funky Business will rewrite the future for organizations and leaders.

"The gospel of new thinking is Funky Business" Industry Standard

"Funky Business is rigorously researched, witty and intelligent, and overflows with provocative ideas" Business Voice




The battle of the brains

The third knowledge revolution

Revolutions revisited

Funky business is truly global

Funky business means more competition for everything everywhere

Funky business requires a creative search for differentiation

Funky business requires organisational innovation

Funky business puts management and leadership centre stage

Funky business gives us the power

Into the funky future



Technology: the endless riff

Digital data

Digital dreams

Institutions: remaking the mausoleums

The institution of capitalism

The nation state

Political parties

The eternal enterprise

The family

Values: from telescopes to kaleidoscopes

Working values

Fusion in the global village

Spiritual emptiness

Deregulating life: condemned to freedom

Coping with chaos



The surplus society

Market mania

Senseless supply

Costless communication

The return of the demanding customer

Competing for attention

Now: the real-time society

The age of auctions

Softwhere: the brain-based society

Competence-based competition

Everywhere: the linked society

The Far West

The Far East

The Close(d) East

Near here


Leaders and laggards

The mighty termites

The blurred society

The fragmented society




The hy-phe-na-ted society

The winner takes all

Recipe-based competition



Funky Inc. is focused

Narrow focus

Hollow focus

Targeted focus

Funky Inc. is leveraged

Internal leverage

Industrial leverage

International leverage

Funky Inc. is innovative

Innovate through reinventing strategy

Innovate through speed

Innovate through smartness

Ignoring and listening to customers

Combining heterogeneity and homogeneity

Funky Inc. is heterarchical

The funky model

Seven features of the funky firm

A recipe for success?



Meaningful leadership

Direction – spin me

Experimentation – forgive me

Education – develop me

Personalisation – see me

Coming out

Be unique


Get connected




Wet dreams are made of this

From location to organisation

The last taboo

Infinite innovation

Sensational strategies

Building the emotional enterprise

The average never ever wins



Funkster 1: Kjell Nordström Kjell is based at the Institute of International Business at the Stockholm School of Economics. He received his PhD before helping to found the prestigious Advanced Management Program, which attracts the elite of Scandinavian business leaders. His research has focused on internationalization, and, his ideas work; he makes things happen. He is also on the board of directors of Stokke Fabrikker, Swedish Internet company Spary Ventures and US digital change agent Razorfish. His advice has been key to many other organizations across the globe.  

Funkster 2: Jonas RidderstrSle Based at the Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership at the Stockholm School of Economics, Jonas is at the forefront of the new generation of European-based business gurus. He has an MBA, a doctorate and a book on global innovation under his belt. He has run the Advanced Management Program and has been lecturer, adviser and consultant to many international companies - enabling them to look to the future creatively and develop dynamic strategies and solutions. In his spare time (yes really) he is an art collector and backs one of Sweden's funkiest galleries.

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