Get That Job! 3rd edition
Easy Steps to the Job You Want

By Malcolm Hornby
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
July 2005
ISBN: 0273702122
296 Pages, Illustrated
$45.00 paper original

Get That Job is a self-development manual and job hunter's guide in one. It will help you to decide and plan the life you want. It gives practical advice on how to get a job, in the context of your life goals. This book will be your very own career and life-planning personal coach. It enables you to identify what makes you special, set your own career and life goals, discover techniques to help you succeed in your job search .. and then Get That Job!

This book contains everything you need: from personality profiling and career-life balance exercises, to practical tips on how to write a CV and letters of application, how to make a presentation and what happens at an assessment centre. You'll find out how to access the unadvertised job market and how to succeed in recruitment interviews. With this book you will be sure to Get That Job!

About the Author: Malcolm Hornby is a fellow of the Institute of Personnel Directors. Malcolm has had a varied career spanning both teaching and sales before entering human resources and becoming the personnel manager of a large pharmaceutical corporation. He then established himself as a human resources consultant and 10 years ago founded Delta Management Consultancy, through which he runs a range of training programs on communication and interpersonal skills, team building and leadership. He also trains the trainers of equivalent courses. Malcolm advises businesses on managerial appointments through assessment centers and runs popular outplacement workshops based on this book to help those who have been made redundant find the job they want with minimum stress and maximum success.

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