How to Think
Building Your Mental Muscle

By Stephen Reid
Financial Times / Pearson Education
December 2002
ISBN: 0-273-65484-5
202 Pages, Illustrated, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
$39.50 Paper Original

In a fast and complex world, we can't work any harder so we have to work smarter. The ability to think clearly, quickly and creatively is crucial, yet many of us don't realize how limited our thinking is. We spend years in education learning what to think, but virtually no time at all learning how. This is the book that explains how to think, presenting a range of thinking tools and techniques to improve the quality and range of thinking, using everyday examples in work and life to highlight key points.

This book is the mind-gym to work out every mental muscle and give you real mind power. And improving the quality of your thinking will improve the quality of your life - at work and home. How to Think offers immediate and positive benefits for anybody who wants to - be more of an 'ideas person' or a problem solver, innovate and be comfortable with constant change, improve personal and working relationships, find ways of dealing with complex information, get the big picture or plan for the future, cope better in the face of information overload, make quicker decisions and feel happy about making choices. This book presents a range of simple, practical steps and a variety of thinking tools for understanding how you think and discovering ways to think differently.

Contents Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Uncork the genie - don't hit the buffers 2. Thinking: It's so simple really - we all do it, but differently 3. Frames of reference 4. What shapes my big picture 5. Finding clarity and certainty 6. Working it out 7. The glory of error: What if I make a mistake? 8. Ambiguity: Living in a foggy Landscape 9. The truth and expectations 10. Radar and the big picture: Context 11. How to get the big idea: Creativity 12. Know yourself, then conquer. Supplementary notes and recommended reading

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