Industrial Organization: Competition,
Strategy, Policy, 3rd edition

By John Lipczynski, et al.
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
August 2009
ISBN: 9780273710387
784 Pages
$125.00 Paper original


This new third edition continues to highlight the strong link between the theory and analysis of industrial economics using engaging case studies. It has extended its journey through the historical development of industrial organization to the present day with new case studies on industries relevant to the 21st Century. For example,  IT and telecommunications (Microsoft, eBay, 3G mobile phones technology, LCD TV screens, internet broadband), open source; banking and financial services (commercial banking, the credit union movement); and sport and leisure (Hollywood movies, English Premier League football).




Part I:  Theoretical Foundations

1  Industrial organization: an introduction  

2  Production, Costs and Demand

3  Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition and Monopoly

4  Managerial Theories of the Firm

5  Transaction costs, agency and resource-based theories of the firm

Part II:  Structural Analysis of Industry

6  Oligopoly: non-collusive models  

7  Oligopoly: collusive models  

8  Concentration: measurement and trends

9  Determinants of seller concentration  

10  Barriers to entry

11  Market structure, firm strategy and performance  

Part III:  Analysis of Firm Strategy

12  Pricing  

13  Auctions  

14  Product differentiation

15  Advertising  

16  Research and development  

17  Mergers and strategic alliances

18  Vertical integration  

19  Vertical restraints

20  Diversification  

Part IV:  Analysis of Public Policy

21  Competition policy  

22  Regulation  

Appendices: Analytical Tools

Appendix 1  Mathematical methods  

Appendix 2  Econometric methods  






Student - Companion website featuring an online glossary of key terms and links to relevant websites

Instructor - PowerPoints and solutions manual


Dr John Lipczynski is a Principle lecturer in the Department of Business and Service Sector Management in London Metropolitan University Specialising in Microeconomics and industrial economics

Professor John Wilson is in the school of management at the University of St. Andrews, speculating in industrial organization and banking

Professor John Goddard is in the School of Business and Regional Development at the University of Wales, Bangor, specializing in financial economics, industrial economics and the economics of professional sports

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