Make Money, Be Happy
How to Make the Money You Want
and Do the Things You Want to Do

By Carmel McConnell
Pearson Education Limited
March 2005
ISBN: 0273675605
244 Pages, 5 " x 8 "
$37.50 paper original

Do you think you have enough money? Do you feel really fulfilled by your career? Very few people can answer yes to both questions. Some of us can say yes to one or the other. But the majority of people would actually say no to both. So what is it that is stopping you achieving your full financial & career potential? Is it possible that taking steps to be fulfilled can actually be the same steps you need to take to get control of your financial situation (and vice versa).

It runs completely contrary to what we've been led to believe - you can have lots of cash or a fulfilling job, but you can't have both. Unless you are one of those annoyingly rare people who turn their hobby into their job (and we've all read enough about those). This book shows that a career is just one income stream, and that many others exist. It offers the reader a different life perspective, one that integrates career ambition with greater personal financial control. It blasts financial fear and stupidity and attempts to replace it with knowledge and the desire for personal financial action (in order to do the things you love).

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