Pitman New Era Shorthand: Workbooks 1 & 2
Anniversary Edition

By Bert Canning
Longman / Pearson Education, UK
Workbook 1
July 1988
ISBN: 0-582-28863-0
61 Pages, Illustrated
$33.50 paper original

Workbook 2
August 1988
ISBN: 0-582-40436-3
72 Pages, Illustrated
$32.50 paper original

These workbooks provide extra practice to reinforce the theory in the Pitman New Era Anniversary Edition. Each section covers phrases, short form drills, blankline dictation drills, theory checks, and free dictation. A longhand key is included at the end of each book with free dictation passages counted in tens. Workbook 1 covers Units 1-12 of the Anniversary Edition, while Workbook 2 covers Units 13-20.

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