Principles of Business Economics
2nd Edition

By Joseph Nellis & David Parker
August 2006
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 0273693069
448 pages
$92.50 Paper Original

The second edition of this highly successful Principles of Business Economics gives undergraduates, MBA students or aspiring managers a clear and concise text that covers all aspects of an introductory course in microeconomics. Core concepts are covered whilst keeping technical jargon and mathematics to a minimum.

* Conclusions, key learning points and topics for discussion have been provided throughout to stimulate thinking, consolidate learning and put theory into practice.
* There is a wealth of international applications with activity questions illustrating how the theory is applied in real-world situations.
* A comprehensive glossary to help students understand terminology.

Chapter 1. Business economics: an overview
Chapter 2. The analysis of consumer demand
Chapter 3. The analysis of production costs
Chapter 4. Analysis of the firm’s supply decision
Chapter 5. Demand, supply and price determination
Chapter 6. Analysis of perfectly competitive markets
Chapter 7. Analysis of monopoly markets
Chapter 8. Analysis of monopolistically competitive markets
Chapter 9. Oligopoly
Chapter 10. Managerial objectives and the firm
Chapter 11. Understanding competitive strategy
Chapter 12. Understanding pricing strategies
Chapter 13. Understanding the market for labour
Chapter 14. Understanding the market for capital
Chapter 15. Understanding the market for natural resources
Chapter 16. Government and business
Chapter 17. Business and economic forecasting
Chapter 18. Business economics – a checklist for managers

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