Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies, 8th edition

By Clare Morris
August 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273738725
520 pages, Illustrated
$115.00 Paper Original

Quantitative Approaches in Business Studiesprovides a clear and accessible introduction to these methods, ideal for students of business and management on undergraduate, Masters and professional courses. This 8th edition comes with MyMathLabGlobal, an unrivalled online tutorial and assessment system available to users of this book. This resource generates a personalised study plan and provides extensive practice questions exactly where you need them.


Introduction: Why quantitative methods?

Part 1 NUMBERS – how we handle them

1 Tools of the trade: basic numeracy skills

Part 2 NUMBERS – a means of communication

2 Obtaining the figures: data and data collection

3 Presenting the figures: tables and diagrams

4 Summarising the figures: measures of location and spread

5 Measuring changes: index numbers

Part 3 NUMBERS – a basis for deduction

6 A firm foundation: elementary probability

7 Patterns of probability: some distributions

8 Estimating from samples: inference

9 Checking a theory: hypothesis testing

10 Making it better: statistics and quality improvement

11 Looking for connections: correlation

12 Spotting the relationship: line fitting

13 Multiple regression

Part 4 NUMBERS – a tool of planning

14 Planning an inventory policy: stock control and simulation

15 Forecasting: time-series, semi-log graphs and exponential smoothing

16 Allowing for interest: financial mathematics

17 Planning production levels: linear programming

18 Planning a project: network analysis

19 Quantitative methods in the student research project


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