Pitman New Era Shorthand:
Rapid Review & Speed Development

By Bryan Coombs
Longman / Pearson Education, UK
December 2000
ISBN: 0-582-30196-3
166 pages, illustrated
$28.50 paper original

This text is the first in a new complete learning program for Pitman New Era Shorthand. It is ideal for use with mixed learning groups. All material in the book consists of realistic business-oriented passages, preparing students for examinations and employment in the business world. The text meets current examination requirements, with practice material which is easily adaptable for a range of dictation speeds. It includes: 12 units covering a full review of the theory. Short forms and phrasing revision. Vocabulary extension. Skill development and speed development sections. A list of 700 common words. The text will be invaluable for teachers and students of shorthand in the successful preparation for shorthand examinations.

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