Simply Brilliant, 2nd Edition
The Bestselling Guide to Getting Things Done

By Fergus O'Connell
Financial Times / Pearson Education Limited
December 2004
ISBN: 0273694456
185 Pages, 6 " x 9"
$45.00 Paper Original

Life is complicated enough. Yet many people go out of their way to create hoops to jump through, wrestling with tough problems and calling on the latest management fad to find that elusive solution to a problem. But it doesn't have to be that way. The best ideas aren't always complicated. The world is full of smart, experienced, skilled, brilliant people. However, many people - even smart ones - are lacking a set of essential skills that when pulled together can be termed "common sense."

Simply Brilliant features a set of seven principles to make the bright better. Principles of common sense that can be adapted for attacking many of the problems that you encounter every day be it in work or outside. And for this all new revised second edition, the bestselling this book delivers a whole new section on getting things done in the minimum amount of time so that you can produce outstanding results without having to work all night. Sometimes the smart need the simple to be truly brilliant.

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