Small Business, Big Profit!
How to Increase the Profitability of
Your Entrepreneurial Business

By Nick Rampley-Sturgeon
Pearson Education / Prentice Hall
January 2006
ISBN: 0273675192
160 Pages, 6 ¼” x 9 ¼”
$43.50 Paper Original

Started a small business and struggling to make it profitable? Or wondering where all the excitement of running the business went? Then this book is for you.

Small Business, Big Profits! is the first book written specifically for owner-managers, who know they have a good business idea but are struggling to realise its potential. Written by an experienced small business advisor, the book addresses the biggest challenges facing owner-managers.
Packed with practical tools and techniques, and featuring real-life stories from a wide range of small businesses, this book will act as a daily business advisor to ensure your small business delivers big profits - both financially and personally, helping you to enjoy what you do.


1 Where are you now?
What are you in this for?
2 Strategic planning
Building a business on lasting foundations
3 Money and finance
Finding the flow
4 Making it run smoothly
Systems and processes
5 Why do business with you?
What makes you different?
6 Pricing
Getting it right
7 Communication
Dealing with clients and staff
8 Marketing matters
Getting the right message out there

• Packed with practical tools and techniques
• Featuring real-life case studies from a wide range of small businesses
• The rapid growth of entrepreneurship is still booming.
• This title is the first title to focus on maximizing your personal enjoyment whilst running your business as well as how to make the profits you need.
• Written by an experienced small business advisor and highly successful author.

Nick Rampley-Sturgeon has been an entrepreneur since he sold toys and games to eager buyers in his school playground. Through his degree years he developed a mail-order business, selling information products.
A government-programme-accredited Business Adviser with more than thirteen years in advisory roles to start-ups and existing businesses, Nick has worked with several thousand business owning families, assisting them in growth and development. He is also a professional landlord and the author of the highly successful Buying to Rent.

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