Smith & Keenan's Law for Business
13th Edition

By Denis Keenan
August 2006
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 1405824042
448 pages
$89.50 Paper Original

Smith and Keenan’s Law for Business is an established and respected textbook.  It is suitable for undergraduate non-law students who have a business law component in their degree.  It also satisfies the business law requirements for a number of professional bodies such as the Association of Charted Certified Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

The book has been updated to include new statutory and case law developments, in particular the impact of new laws in the sphere of employment law, discrimination, and company law.

Strong reputation for reliability and accuracy.
* Comprehensive coverage of all areas of law required for Business Law courses, and their application to the business environment.
* Contains a wealth of questions and answers in multiple choice and essay form, encouraging student self-assessment and legal skills development. 
* Companion website compliments the book, including:
* An instructor’s manual containing advice on using the book during teaching, overhead masters of diagrams and forms in the book, and suggested question solutions suitable for tutorial exercises.
* Regular updates of the major developments in business law

Part 1. The English Legal System
1 The meaning of law and its origins
2 Dispute resolution and legal services in England and Wales
3 European courts and human rights
4 The law making process I: UK legislation and its interpretation
5 The law making process II: Case law and the legislative organs of the European Union

Part 2. The Law of Contract
6 Law of contract: making the contract I
7 Law of contract: making the contract II
8 Law of contract: making the contract III
9 Law of contract: reality of consent I
10 Law of contract: reality of consent II
11 Law of contract: contractual terms
12 Law of contract: contracts in restraint of trade and restrictive practices
13 Law of contract: discharge of contract
14 Law of contract: remedies and limitation of actions

Part 3. The Sale of Goods
15 The sale of goods I: making the contract
16 The sale of goods II: product liability and transfer of title
17 The sale of goods III: performance of the contract and remedies
18 Contracts for the supply of goods and services
19 Supply of goods on credit

Part 4. Employment Law
20 Employment I: the contract of employment
21 Employment II: discrimination
22 Employment III: termination of the contract

Part 5. Company Law in the Study of Business
23 Company law I: setting up the company
24 Company law II: share capital, dividends and transfer
25 Company law III: loan capital, directors and insolvency; the partnership comparison

Part 6. Agency & Negligence
26 Agency in companies and partnerships - the common law
27 Negligence - generally and the business application Appendices: 

Appendix I Company law reform: the Government White Paper Modernising Company Law
Appendix II - Answers to questions set in objective mode

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