Start Up Survival Guide
How to Make it Through the Critical First Three Years in Business

By Chris Lilly
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
September 2006
ISBN: 0273708325
264 Pages
$37.50 paper original

A staggering 66% of new businesses fail within 3 years.

In the real world for most start-ups the real challenge of the first three years is survival; being successful is icing on the cake -- it can and will happen, but you need to navigate the survival phase first. This book is your survival guide. It sets out the absolute fundamentals that must be addressed to ensure not only that you survive but that you are well set up to be very successful. It is therefore a book about success, but from the angle of what can so easily go wrong and how to avoid these pitfalls.

In this book the reasons for businesses failing are thoroughly analyzed and, if you follow the contents, you should be in a much better position to weather the storms of encountered in growing a business - and come out smiling at the other side.
The book is upbeat and practical for the entrepreneur who is determined that they will make it. It's the book that makes sure your dreams stay intact, and that your business flourishes. The book covers everything from funding, finance, cash-flow and debtors, through to products, quality, pricing, customers and staff motivation and morale. Every aspect of your business that might need attention to ensure you're in good shape is looked at in a pithy and practical way.


Working ToC
Success and failure - what's the difference?
Warning signs
SWOTs it all about?
People issues
Money matters
Customers, Sales & Marketing
Strategic shifts
Environmental Issues
Business Planning
Disaster Planning
Intellectual Property
Health & Safety
Legal matters
VC Issues
Other common worries - and how to deal with them
Chris’s 4 Cs for success
Fascinating Facts

After a distinguished career as a top executive in various international blue-chip companies including, BT, Nortel and Alcatel, Chris Lilly then turned entrepreneur, creating a number of high-tech start-ups in the communications, healthcare and security sectors.

He has held positions as Chairman, Chief Executive, and Managing Director in a range of companies .He is currently Chief Executive of Versyns Ventures Ltd, a firm of international rainmakers, incorporating a corporate finance boutique, and a business and technology consultancy.

His overall success has not come without failure, most notably with the collapse of one of his start-up companies, which started off by being tremendously successful and was at one stage valued at over £250M, but then the telecom bubble burst in 2001/2002, resulting in the customer base disappearing overnight. He is therefore very aware of the problems which can lead to failure.

He has operated in over 30 countries worldwide, published numerous papers in his professional capacity, and presented at major conferences throughout the world. He is a Business mentor with The Prince’s Trust and with The Enterprise Centre in Sussex where he mentors both start-ups and growing companies.

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