Tort Law, 10th UK ed.

By: Catherine Elliott & Frances Quinn
December 2015
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273758624
464 Pages
$72.50 Paper Original



Elliott and Quinn’s Tort Law provides an accessible introduction to the essential concepts of this core subject, and continues to be the book of choice for undergraduate students year after year. Written in the authors’ trademark clear and engaging style, the book lucidly presents the fundamentals of the law and also introduces critical and contextual analysis to help you start to develop your own critique and deepen your understanding of tort law.


1. Tort Law: an introduction

2. Negligence: elements of the tort

3. Negligence: causation, defences, limitation and criticism

4. Employers' liability

5. Occupiers' liability

6. Product liability

7. Breach of statutory duty

8. Deceit

9. Defamation

10. Privacy

11. Nuisance

12. The rule in Rylands v Fletcher

13. Trespass to land

14. Trespass to the person

15. Liability for animals

16. Joint and several liability

17. Vicarious liablity

18. Remedies in tort

Appendix: Answering Exam Questions