Business Titles from Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.



Business of Tourism, 10th edition, 2016

Business of Tourism Management 2006
Business Travel, 2nd Edition
By Rob Davidson & Beulah Cope, December 2003

eTourism: Information Technology for Strategic Tourism Management
By Dimitrios Buhalis, April 2003

Essentials of Tourism, 2012

Heritage Tourism: Themes in Tourism Series
Introduction to Travel & Tourism

Managing Urban Tourism: Themes in Tourism

Marketing for Tourism, 4th Edition

Research Methods for Leisure & Tourism, 4th edition, 2011

Tourism: Principles & Practice, 5th edition, 2013

Tourism & Leisure Research Methods August 2000
Tourism & Recreation: Themes in Tourism Series
Tourism for Development: Themes in Tourism Series
Transport & Tourism: Global Perspectives, 2nd edition
Tourism Planning, 2nd edition