Research Methods for Leisure & Tourism, 3rd edition
A Practical Guide

By A.J. Veal
Financial Times / Pearson Education
June 2006
ISBN: 0273682008
448 Pages
$72.50 paper original

This best selling text offers a practical guide to the methodology and techniques of conducting research in Leisure and Tourism.
Covering both qualitative and quantitative methods, this completely revised and updated third edition is essential reading for all students and leisure managers evaluating and planning the services they offer.


1. Introduction: what, why and who?
2. Approaches to leisure and tourism research
3. Starting out - research plans and proposals
4. The range of research methods
5. Reviewing the literature
6. Secondary data: sources and analysis
7. Observation
8. Qualitative methods
9. Questionnaire surveys and questionnaire design
10. Sampling
11. Survey analysis
12. Statistical analysis
13. Preparing a research report


• Teaches students to critique the techniques presented so that they can apply these into practice.
• Gives students an appreciation of the role of research in the policy-making, planning and management processes of the leisure and tourism industries.
• Coverage of a broad range of research methodologies ensures that students gain a wide understanding of the tools and techniques that can be utilised.
• Key paradigmatic issues are discussed, including positivist and interpretive research, qualitative and quantitative methods, induction and deduction, experimental and non-experimental approaches and observed and self-reported data.
• Broad coverage of ethics in research.

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